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Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic Testimonials

"Dear Tom – bought my first bottle of “Rose Tonic” in spring. Only got 4 roses but all have benefited from your product. Reason for writing is to say that my “Peace” rose had 35 flowers/buds in the second flush. Quite remarkable.
regards. N"

"By the way, I think it's marvellous stuff. I used it on the roses I was growing for the daughter's wedding and the difference from the previous year was amazing.
My kind regards. Jenny"

"Tonic seems to be doing wonders for the roses, so ordering more. Thank you."

Mrs. V.,Falmouth

"Dear Tom.

Last year my roses were looking splendid after their annual feed of Uncle Tom’s Rose Tonic. I am looking forward to warm Summer days and another good show of colour.

Keep up the good work!


WG, Ayrshire

"Dear Tom.

Thank you for sending my recent order. As I mentioned in my original message, the extraordinary effect of your tonic has saved the roses which have hung on and they never even lost their leaves over the winter, I didn’t think this was even possible. So, I am buying roses from everywhere, I even planted the last 16 today, so the gaps are filling up nicely.

I really cannot thank you enough, roses are my favourite shrub and I was in despair at how fruitless it all was.

Best wishes for now and the future."

JB. County Antrim.

"This is a present for a French friend who is SO envious of my roses - no blackspot...thanks to Uncle Tom's"

"Please send 1 litre to the above address. This is the best rose feed ever, my roses have never looked so good"
PK, Cheshire

"David Austin Roses recommended your Rose Tonic and it has done wonders for my roses, thank you so much. Steve"

"1 Litre of Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic please. Great stuff! My roses are the best they've ever been.
Thanks, Adrian"

Rydale show

Exhibits and prizes all won by Tony Bracegirdle and he quotes "All down to Farm-Fos / Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic"


"28 Warm Wishes picked on October 25th. the day British Summer Time ends! Treated all season with Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic."

Uncle Tom's own Pink Perpetue Climbing Rose

"Many thanks, our roses give neighbours as well as us a lot of pleasure".

Mrs. H. Sussex.

Uncle Tom's own Pink Perpetue Climbing Rose.

Uncle Tom's own Pink Perpetue Climbing Rose

"Dear Uncle Tom

Firstly I would like to say that my roses, and I have an awful lot, have never looked like they have since I used your Tonic. I thank you every day".

Mrs. H., Sussex.

"Dear Uncle Tom

We had your wonderful Rose Tonic last year and our roses were so beautiful. We vowed we would never be without.

Yours sincerely

Mr. & Mrs. E. - Leeds

"Using Uncle Tom's on our roses at the Garden Centre for the last two seasons has resulted in healthier, stronger plants. We have been fully able to recommend it to our customers when they buy roses, resulting in happy customers and repeat sales.

We have been stocking Uncle Tom's for the last two seasons. Paresh Raithantha, Managing Director, Ansell Garden Centre, West Drayton".

"Hi Tom

I have just done my first rose show of the season, the R.N.R.S. Southern Show at Farnham in Surrey. I thought that you may be interested to know that I walked away with the Southern Rose Show Championship. All down to Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic."

Tony Bracegirdle

"Your Rose Tonic is becoming more and more talked about and I think over the coming years you will see sales explode – without doubt the best ever product for roses - our customers who have tried it think it is fantastic – well done!"

Gareth Fryer – Fryers Rose Nurseries, Knutsford,Cheshire

"I use Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic and my roses are fit and healthy and producing wonderful flowers. I have been winning prizes at the Ayr Flower Shows with my rose blooms. What a wonderful product!"

William Galloway, Ayrshire

"Dickson Nurseries Ltd were privileged to be one of the first rose breeding companies to test Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic. We immediately noticed a marked improvement in the control of downy mildew when we used it at one per cent dilution on our outdoor crop of roses. They also grew faster and better and remained healthier for longer. Uncle Tom's® Tonic is the only product sprayed on our roses and we spray our seedling benches which are under glass at a dilution of half of one per cent with superb results. As with any other chemical, or even water, it is advisable not to spray in bright sunlight as scorching is likely to occur."

Colin Dickson – International Rose Breeder, Newtonards, Northern Ireland

"Dear Tom

I write with an endorsement for your product known to me as Farm-Fos-44, but now on sale to the public as Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic. This will be my 8th year of use. As a Rose Breeder and a countryside lover I try to be as environmentally friendly as humanly possible and only use products that I feel will be safe.

For the last 10 years or so Europe has been increasingly attacked by a relatively new disease on roses – downy mildew. This disease looks like blackspot, but has a browner blotch. It attacks in mild temperatures and high humidity and can cause total defoliation in 3 days. My experience has shown that using Farm-Fos-44 (Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic) every 3 weeks stops the disease almost totally. A spray in April is very important. If you don't like doing any spraying you can use a watering can once a month which will largely keep your roses healthy. As well as checking downy mildew it also stops blackspot.

Farm-Fos-44 is essentially a foliar feed, but in my view is very effective at protecting plants from damaging diseases. I don't know quite how it works, but the important thing is that it does! My trials have now been replicated by many others of the British rose industry with similar successful results.

The final bonus is that the foliar feeding of the product will dramatically enhance the growth and the flowering of your roses.

Yours sincerely

Chris Warner – International Rose Breeder, Newport, Shropshire."

I have been growing and showing roses for over 40 years, and over this period of time I have tried many different products on my roses, some good and some bad, but I can honestly say that not one of them has had a more profound effect on them than, Farm-Fos 44.

Bed of the H.T. Selfridges
Bed of the H.T. Selfridges

I first started to use Farm-Fos 44 about 3 years ago, when I was having a problem with Downey Mildew, which I eventually eliminated from my roses, with the result being some pretty tired looking bushes, after consulting with some of my commercial rose producing friends, i decided to try Farm-Fos 44, and use it every 14 days.

That first year the results being a noticeably increase in health, growth, and vigour, which can only have only have come from the use of Farm-Fos 44, it being the only new edition to my spraying programme.

Bowl of 18 H.T.s at R.N.R.S. National show
Bowl of 18 H.T.s at R.N.R.S. National Show

Over the last 3 years I have continued to use it every 2 weeks and my bushes just get better and better.

I have won the R.N.R.S. Amateur Championship for the last 16 years, and have never had better quality blooms than those produced over the period that I have been using Farm-Fos 44.

Tony with his bowl of 12 floribunda Fred Loads, which was judged to be the best exhibit in the floribunda classes and also the best exhibit in the show at the Lakeland Rose Show in 2011.
Tony with his bowl of 12 floribunda Fred Loads, which was judged to be the best exhibit in the floribunda classes and also the best exhibit in the show at the Lakeland Rose Show in 2011.

I would recommend to anyone who is interested in growing good roses to try Farm-Fos 44 or the retail version Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic, both of which are superb products.

Tony Bracegirdle S.M. R.N.R.S.
R.N.R.S. National Champion 1996 – 2011