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01 / 04 / 15


Greetings fellow gardeners

I have been pestered for so long now, that I am making my range of natural gardening solutions available to everyone! They are of course best suited to serious gardeners and allotment holders, yet they are helpful to anyone wanting to make their garden more ecologically responsible.

Some of my products were first used in Victorian times, but fell out of favour as everyone was encouraged to use the heavy-handed cure-all chemicals now shown to be so harmful and many of them have been banned. Others are more recent products, developed with human and environmental safety in mind.

All of my products are used regularly, even relied upon, by professional growers. I will only supply products that are safe, well-proven and have stood the test of time.

Such is the current demand for natural garden solutions that work, that I have commissioned a researcher to keep me up-to-date. And I am constantly updating this website, so please visit again soon. You can also choose to be informed by email when I introduce new products.

Good gardening naturally

Uncle Tom

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